Who we are

Teamchefs.tv is the educational platform for those schools, colleges and business involved in hospitality and catering.

Teamchefs was started after a group of us attended awarding body workshop which after that day several teachers still had a problem getting resources on the units.

In this virtual learning environment you can discover a wide range of culinary videos and other digital materials.

All content is linked to a a number of courses currently offered in the UK.

Learners-Teachers - Business

What we do

The education team at Teamchefs.tv are lecturers or instructors who have years of experience in hospitality, catering and the education sectors.

As the site develops we plan to sell great value courses, books, virtual learning packages i.e. Interactive learning, workbook, AFL and differentiation to name some of a few resources that does embrace a specific unit or task and  help you get the most out of your budget.

E-workbook and podcasts are planned in the future that may be accessed on a mobile phone and a wealth of tools that will enable our users to create and their own content.

We have placed ourselves  unique position to assist business, learners, teachers, schools and colleges with hospitality and catering learning material.


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