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We are here to help you to understand how to have a safer food better business, where your strengths and weaker in training aspects lie, and what areas of knowledge you need to pay attention to.


Hospitality & Catering Business

Supporting the restaurant industry through an uncertain season

Our Business support program will be free to business during this lockdown. It has really been designed with startups ,business owners and managers in mind. You will be able to schedule training out to team members, and they can also monitor how staff are responding to that training.

Our extensive industry experience combined with our industry qualifications and knowledge enables us to assist businesses at any stage of their business cycle.

Hospitality & Catering Education

Online Learning Environment

Whatever your learning style, we have been supplying schools and colleges our resources since 2009. Our hospitality & catering units have been designed to give you the skills and support you need to pursue a promising career or business in the industry. Please contact us if you have a specific requirement or need a particular resource.

We Solve Real Problems

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Mystery Customer

A catering health check that is useful for spotting any potential issues and also identify positive opportunities.

Menu Development

Teamchefs specialises in recipe development that focus on seasonal produce and are full of flavours and textures

Business Ideas

We learnt from catering operations mistakes and want to help other make their business ideas a reality.

Digital Marketing

Let us us digitally tell your story, demonstrate your expertise on a global scale in real time with very little cost.

Learning Material

We create video based learning, rapid based learning modules and educational resources to help you reach a larger audience.

Turn Your Business Around

A virtual tour is a series of 360° panoramic images which, when combined together enable your customers to become completely immersed in a space that and the range of digital marketing services we have can help make you grow.

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We are completely independent and impartial H&C consultants and have no affiliations with suppliers working on agreed fees only, by following a code of ethics as much confidence is entrusted upon all consultants.

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